A digital platform that seamlessly connects professionals across over 50 sports with their practitioners, offering a comprehensive array of sports-related services. It serves as a gateway to a 360-degree universe of sports, encompassing trainers, gyms, clubs, equipment suppliers, recovery resources, expert advice, nutritional guidance, partnership opportunities, and much more.


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Trainers list

The app underwent a transformation to synchronize its visual identity with the freshly redesigned website. Aligning both platforms' aesthetics ensured a coherent user experience. Moreover, enhancements were implemented in the app's UX, optimizing functionalities with more intuitive patterns for enhanced usability.

Filter UX design

The filtering system for trainers underwent a significant revamp. Previously tucked behind a button, filters now appear as sleek, visible chips in a horizontal bar. This improvement allows users to instantly view, select, and track applied filters. Additionally, a numerical indicator showcases the quantity of selected options within each filter.

Trainer's profile

A pivotal transformation was the integration of prominent profile images, adding a personalized touch to each trainer's profile. Essential profile details were restructured, prioritizing crucial information above the fold. Meanwhile, the 'send message' and 'schedule' buttons maintain prominent placement, complemented by an overhauled review system distinguishing member and guest reviews distinctly.

Schedule meeting with trainer

The process of scheduling meetings with trainers underwent refinement for a more streamlined experience. An initial screen prompts users to log in or proceed as a guest, encouraging app registration to facilitate smoother interactions and reduce repetitive information entry.

Trainer's clients overview page

Trainers now experience an improved client overview. It now defaults to 'last modified,' ensuring the most recent clients appear at the forefront. Additionally, trainers can efficiently filter alphabetically or utilize the search bar for targeted client searches. Furthermore, a floating action button expedites the creation of new client files for streamlined management.

App settings

The settings section underwent a structural transformation for improved accessibility. The top bar menu was removed, freeing up vertical space. The content previously in the top bar, including language selection and policies, now resides in the bottom navigation settings.

Introducing a 'Save changes' floating action button in forms and a pop-up prompt before leaving unsaved changes elevates the user experience.

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