Wellness by Ayushi

Ayushi is an integrative health practitioner specializing in holistic wellness. The program offered simplifies wellness, focusing on self-care, self-love, and self-worth. It includes personalized plans for gut health, mindfulness, self-care routines, and more. Clients can benefit from meditation sessions, gut reset meal plans, and online health consultations. Ayushi's journey from health struggles to holistic healing and her education in functional medicine are central to her approach. She aims to help individuals achieve physical and mental balance by addressing root imbalances in the body.


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Wellness by Ayushi 'about me' page

Redesigning Ayushi's website was an incredibly thrilling project due to the pre-existing unique and whimsical brand identity she possessed. This identity is characterized by an abundance of rounded and natural shapes, a palette of soft, warm colors, and the use of elegant typography.

Tool to test if skincare is acne friendly

One of Ayushi's specialties lies in assisting individuals who struggle with acne. To enhance her services, I collaborated with her to develop a tool designed to determine the acne-friendliness of skincare products. Here's how it operates: clients can input the ingredients of their skincare products into the tool. Subsequently, the tool examines whether these ingredients match any of the comedogenic substances listed by Ayushi.

Wellness by Ayushi homepage design