Statiegeldalliantie is a coalition of businesses, municipalities, and organizations from Belgium and the Netherlands. Their mission is to advocate for a deposit system on cans and plastic bottles to combat plastic waste. It began in 2017 with 21 diverse organizations and has since grown to over 1300 supporters, all working together to reduce plastic waste.


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Statiegeldalliantie old and logo
Statiegeldalliantie postkaarten Statiegeldalliantie postkaart

Statiegeldalliantie engaged me in an offline campaign that focused on postcards. This campaign featured five distinct postcards, each with eye-catching images and persuasive arguments regarding bottle deposit systems. These postcards were distributed to numerous politicians and policymakers, spreading Statiegeldalliantie’s message far and wide.

Statiegeldalliantie responsive design
Statiegeldalliantie homepage design
Statiegeldalliantie search tool

On the previous website, all the members of the alliance were listed in a single, ever-growing, bulky list. That's when I devised a custom tool. This tool allows users to easily search and determine whether their local municipality is already a participant in the alliance.

Statiegeldalliantie business card Statiegeldalliantie roll up